Twin Cities Sewage Ejector Pumps

Sewage & Waste Water Elimination Options in Minneapolis & St. Paul

At Benjamin Franklin, our plumbers install and repair sewage ejector pumps in homes and businesses for Twin Cities residents’ waste water elimination needs. Our plumbers understand the need for an efficient sewage and plumbing system and will work hard to repair and install long-lasting sewage ejector pumps for your home, so you never have to endure waste water backup or leakage. All our plumbers are trained for dealing with the toughest plumbing repair problems and are available 24 hours a day for emergency plumbing services such as a sewage leak.

What is a Sewage Ejector Pump?

Sewage ejector pumps channel waste water and sewage from your home into a septic tank or city sewer to keep your plumbing system working efficiently. An old, failing, or broken unit can become a very serious problem as well as a potential health hazard, so don’t wait to call a plumber if you suspect problems with your sewage ejector pump.

Sewage Ejector Pump Repair and Replacement Benefits

Unit repair or replacement with Ben Franklin Plumbing provides many benefits including:

  • Consistent sewage flow and elimination to avoid sewage backups and leaks
  • Uninterrupted flow of blackwater (water contaminated with fecal matter and grease)
  • Recommendations on the best placement options and brands
  • Examination of hardware needs to confirm handling capacity
  • Examination of thermal overhead protection, screws, seals, and more
  • Premiere maintenance options

Backed by relevant experience in installing, repairing, and replacing sewage ejector pumps in residential areas, Ben Franklin plumbers are the go-to choice for Minneapolis and St. Paul residents.

To learn more about our sewage ejector pumps, call 952-933-8888 or contact a plumber online.